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EP-1002 Portable Battery (Rating capacity: 1,000W)

Lithium Ion Battery
Rating capacity: 1,000 W
Automatic switchover (AC 100V bypass circuit) upon power outage


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The latest model of lithium-ion power storage system.

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Lithium Ion Battery- “EPC” series

- The BMS (Battery Management System) detects overcharge & over-discharge, and the conductor automatically disconnects itself from the battery, making it super safe to use.

- Specs can be customized to suit your needs. Also comes with aftercare!

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Container-type Power storage system

Large size, container-type, “EP-ESS” series.

- Output power: 100kW
- Lithium ion batteries and duplex inverters are packaged inside a 20-feet container.
- Easy & fast installation.
- Can be used as a backup power
- Optimum energy management when linked to solar panels.

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