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Introducing “Güssing model” to Japan - Revitalization of rural areas

Edison Power offers local development plans as well as Biogas power plants with renewable energy.

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GRE (Güssing Renewable Energy) of Austria

- GRE is an Austrian based company, who provides CO2 free solutions to society.

- GRE’s website:   www.gussingrenewable.com


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About Güssing

Güssing, a town in Austria, a district comprising around 27,000 inhabitants, used to be one of the poorest areas in the country, since its foundation in 1955.

However, in 1995, they deicided to revitalize the town by utilizing its forestry in biomass energy generation industry.

Now, Gussing is the first community in the European Union to produce its whole energy demand – electricity, heating/cooling, fuels – out of renewable resources, all resources from within the region.

We have much to learn about revitalization of rural areas from this "Gussing model."



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A brief exterior view of Edison Power’s 2MW Biogas Power Generation Plant

A brief exterior view of our 2MW Biogas power generation plant.

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DFB Gasifier structure diagram

Characteristics of Edison Power's Biogas power generation

Comparison of Edison Power's biogas power generation with others.

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DFB gasification process

FICFB (Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed)​ techonology enables biomass materials to convert into electricity, heat, synthetic gas & oil.

FICFB (Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed)​ techonology enables biomass materials to convert into electricity, heat, synthetic gas & oil.

The core of this system is the Fluidized bed, which consists of the "gasification zone" and "combustion zone."

The fluidized bed material (olivine sand) circulates back and forth between these 2 zones, conveying heat effectively.

With this, 80% energy recovery efficiency can be accomplished.

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