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Biogas (Biomass) Power Generation

DFB gasification process

FICFB (Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed) Gasification Process

1.Biomass materials are put into an 800℃ oxygen-insulated gasification chamber to be decomposed.  As a result, combustible gas (Hydrogen & Methane) is produced.

2.Residual byproduct during gasification moves to the incinerator (shown as ① in diag.) to be combusted completely (at 900℃) along with other fluidized materials. (shown as ②).

3.Exhaust gas and other fluidized materials are separated through cyclone separator (shown as ③).  High-temperature fluidized materials are then moved to the gasification chamber again (④) to be used as a heat source in the gasification process.

Above procedure is repeated to fully utilize the generated heat energy.


How is “FICFB” different from conventional technology?

Conventional technology

FICFB Gasification Technology
• Produced gas is also used as a fuel, therefore the final amount of gas is decreased.

• Gasification process & comobustion are done in the SAME furnace.  The produced gas contains exhausts.

• Air is used as a source of oxygen, therefore nitrogen dilutes the final product.

• Produced gas contains much dust, and is problematic to remove.
The materials (gasification) & heat (combustion) are circulated in separated areas, resulting in higher quality gas, with highly efficient power generation and heat collection. 



Videos explaining FICFB technology

http://greg.tv/en/118   (Difference between our biogas generation & conventional method)

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http://greg.tv/en/103  (About the facility)

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